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other products

We are providing domestic and overseas chemical materials by our own network in many fields.

Besides the products currently introduced at this website, proposal of the products according to the your needs is possible.

List of main products

Cosmetic Materials
Product Name
Mica Powder Sericite
FSN (The average particle size is under 5 micrometers.)
FSE (The average particle size is under 12 micrometers.)
S200 (The average particle size is under 15 micrometers.)
Naturally-occurring Compounds
Product Name CAS No.
Sodium Alginate 9005-38-3
Tannic Acid 1401-55-4
Plating Materials
Product Name Chemical Name CAS No.
Diethyl Safranine C.I. Basic Red 2 (50206) 4569-86-2
Safranine-O C.I. Basic Red 2 (50240) 477-73-6
Dimethyl Safranine C.I. Basic Violet 5 2390-56-9
Thioflavine-T C.I. Basic Yellow 1 2390-54-7
DPS N,N-Dimethyl-Dithiocarbamic Acid-3-(Sulfopropylester) Sodium Salt 18880-36-2
P3SA Pyridine-3-Sulfonic Acid 636-73-7
SPS Bis-(3-Sulfopropyl) Disulfide Disodium Salt 217206-35-5
NTS Naphthalene 1,3,6-Trisulphonic Acid Trisodium Salt 5182-30-9
Product Name CAS No.
Silver Oxide 20667-12-3
Silver Nitrate 7761-88-8
Silver Sulfate 10294-26-5
Iron Powder 7439-89-6